Coping with Covid- 19


We are living in extraordinary times right now, and it can all be overwhelming. 

Across the world, the spread of coronavirus is having a devastating effect. Lockdown means that many communities no longer have income and cannot buy food. On top of this, some communities are often ignored when official aid is distributed. They desperately need your help today. 

In the last five years Ethnic Voice UK has carried out a yearly five mile walk in the month May in support of Adults and Children living with blood diseases, 

With the advent of Covid-19, Ethnic Voice UK will not be organising  a five mile walk this year, However the hardship encountered by communities around the world means as a responsible charitable organisation, Ethnic Voice UK is inviting everyone to be part of our Walk for life 2020, by donating towards our Help D Helpless project to assist vulnerable individuals across Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, and Sierra - Leone   

Our aim is to establish a local food Bank managed by the local charities we presently work with in the above-mentioned countries.  

It’s a difficult time for everyone – but anything you can give today can make a difference and save lives 

Please help to help others by clicking DONATE and donating your desired amount. 


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 Thank you to our incredible colleagues, working so hard to feed our very vulnerable people

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